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Media Inquiries

News-related inquiries, requests for interviews, permission to use stories, photographs, and other public requests for information, please contact:

Angela Melvin
Founder / CEO 

1762 Fowler Street
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 1955
Fort Myers, FL 33902


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Valerie’s House provides a safe, comfortable place for children and their families to bond, grieve and heal together following the death of a close family member. Children meet bi-monthly in age groups and use activities such as art, writing and music therapy to work through their grief, memorialize their loved one, and share in a sense of community. Their adult caregivers meet simultaneously in a loving, supporting environment as they discuss challenges raising children in grief.

Based on a national model, Valerie’s House is the first program of its kind in Southwest Florida serving grieving families. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, it is fully supported through community donations.  

Valerie’s House is named after Angela Melvin’s mother, Valerie Melvin, a 31-year old nurse and mother of two daughters who was killed in a car accident in 1987. It was founded to help grieving children process grief and go on to lead fulfilling lives.    

At a Glance  

Name: Valerie’s House

Owned by: Valerie’s House, Inc.

Opened:  January 2016    

Serving: Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Sarasota, and Hendry Counties




If you've experienced a death–or know someone who has–use this form to be added to the Valerie's House family for services.
We have programs for children and their caregivers available in Fort Myers and Naples.

Or lend a hand and your heart by volunteering your time to the Valerie's House community. One of our caring staff members will be contacting you shortly.