Grieve Love Heal Podcast

We All Lose People We Love, So Let’s Talk About It


Episode 1: Back to School with Grief


Did you know 1 in 14 children in Florida will lose a parent or sibling before they turn 18? That’s roughly two children per classroom. We want to help schools better understand how to help children when they come back to school after the death of a parent. In this episode, Mother Debbie Retew and her daughter Morgan explain their experience with the school system following the death of husband and father, John.

Episode 2: Change in Seasons


The sights and smells of Autumn can be comforting, but to some, they can bring about feelings of grief. Valerie's House Communications Coordinator April Reilly talks with Valerie's House Program Director Amy Strom about how some aspects of the fall season can overwhelm children and adults who've experienced a significant loss.