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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Quail West Patriots Presents:

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75th D-Day Anniversary
Helping Heroes Help Others Thank You Luncheon Event

Supporting Valerie’s House for Grieving Children

Special Guests to Thank and Honor:

⭐️ WWII Veterans ⭐️ Korean War Veterans ⭐️ Purple Heart Recipients
⭐️ Former POWS ⭐️ Wounded Warriors ⭐️ Gold Star Families
⭐️ Local Police Officers and Firefighters ⭐️ Valerie’s House Families

Helping Heroes Help Others
November 12th

11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Quail West Golf & Country Club Grand Ballroom
5950 Burnham Rd., Naples, FL 34119

Purchase or Donate Seats ($150 per seat)


with our honored guest speaker, Colonel Allen West

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Scenes from the 2018 the Quail West Patriots Helping Heroes Help Others Luncheon

A special message from Angela Melvin, Founder & CEO of Valerie’s House

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Dear Quail West Friends,

It was just over a year ago that Valerie’s House and a small number of Quail West Patriots scrambled to put together the first Helping Heroes Help Others luncheon with my great friend, Lt. Colonel Allen West as the featured speaker. The luncheon itself was a great success, but we at Valerie’s House had no idea how our relationship was going to grow from that single event in such a short period of time.

Post-event donations from the loving people of Quail West exceeded our donations from the lunch itself and those funds were instrumental in not only creating our program focused on supporting Gold Star families but also allowed us to expand our work in both Fort Myers and Naples to help even more grieving children.

Also important, I am especially grateful to have personally been able to develop relationships with so many of the fine people at Quail West. Our friends at Quail West have offered continued financial support for events like our children’s Christmas party, and they have generously volunteered their time and talent for programs like life mentoring for kids who simply need an adult to advise them on great life decisions. Our first three volunteer mentors in this program are all from Quail West!

I hope the close relationship we have with your community continues to blossom for many years and this new dedicated Quail West page is part of growing relationship.

Our children continue to be so thankful for the people of Quail West and their loving kindness! You are making a difference in their lives and mine!

Thank you so much!

Angela Melvin
Founder & CEO Valerie’s House

Welcome message from Bob Lowe -

Julie and I had the incredible experience of attending the 73rd anniversary D Day ceremony at Utah Beach two years ago. While the emotions and pageantry of the ceremonies were unbelievable, it was our visit to the American Cemetery at Normandy that really captured us.

As we toured the sites, there were a few WWII veterans in their old uniforms who were visiting those hallowed grounds. Some had landed there on D Day, some later and many just came to pay respects to their lost comrades.

What the soldiers of WWII went through to save the world is way beyond our comprehension. They saw and experienced events at a young age that no one could logically survive. Seventeen million Americans served in the military during WWII, and most survived to come back home to build the greatest, most free civilization that has ever endured.

Julie and Bob Lowe at General Patton's grave site at the Luxembourg American Cemetery

Julie and Bob Lowe at General Patton's grave site at the Luxembourg American Cemetery

Now, 75 years since D Day, those few who have survived are in the twilight of their lives. How do we thank them for the legacy they left for us? Words will not do. Thank you for your service doesn’t even come close! The fact is, we can never thank them enough.

As a small token of our appreciation and respect for these incredible soldiers, Quail West is going to invite them and many other heroes to our own 75th D Day Anniversary Thank You luncheon where we can show them how their love and respect for America and fellow Americans has transferred to us and that we will pass it to future generations.

I hope that our whole QW patriot family will unite on November 12, to buy our heroes a great lunch, let them enjoy a great patriotic speaker and above all, let them know that their legacy will live through us, the greatest beneficiaries of their sacrifice.

And it is very fitting that Valerie’s House is our partner in this luncheon. The ultimate mission of Valerie’s House is to heal the lives of grieving children so that they can move forward into heroic lives that would make our past heroes proud.

God bless America and all who have served, are serving or will serve!!

Bob Lowe

For more information, please contact Bob Lowe at 260-402-5285 or


The mission of Valerie’s House is to help children and families work through the loss of a loved one together and go on to live fulfilling lives.